Ground Floor Home Extensions & Additions

“Rossmark were extremely professional through the build process, but their strength was their attention to detail and willingness to take ownership of the whole project. “ – Renee & Brad

Expanding or enhancing the ground floor of a home can yield significant benefits in terms of space, functionality, and connection with the outdoors. At Rossmark Building Designers, we specialise in home extensions, dedicated to realising our clients’ dreams for their family homes.

A ground floor extension involves expanding a residential building at ground level, typically towards the rear or sides of the existing structure. This popular type of renovation adds living space, introduces new rooms, and improves the overall layout and usability of a home.

Key Aspects of a Ground Floor Extension

Design and Planning

Our process begins with a thorough assessment of the existing space and client needs. As accredited building designers, we collaborate closely with clients to create designs that seamlessly integrate new extensions with the original structure and outdoor surroundings.


Ground floor extensions serve diverse purposes based on homeowner preferences. Common goals include expanding kitchens, creating dining areas, adding home offices or studies, or enhancing family rooms and connection with the outdoors. Larger extensions on expansive lots can also include additional bedrooms, often allowing for repurposing of existing spaces to create master suites.

Structural Considerations and Utility Services

We carefully evaluate the current state of your home and its load-bearing capacity. Engaging with structural engineers is integral to our process. Additionally, we ensure clients are informed about any necessary utility upgrades to support the new extension.

Building Regulations

With our expertise in local council planning requirements, we navigate the complexities of complying with development standards, whether through complying development (CDC) or a Development Application (DA).


Before construction commences, we finalise all necessary documentation, ensuring seamless integration into the working drawings. In many cases, clients can continue residing in their homes during construction, offering significant cost savings that can be reinvested into essential elements of their extension. Depending on the scope, typical construction durations range from 12 to 18 weeks.

Ground floor extensions empower homeowners to customise and expand their living spaces on one floor. When thoughtfully planned, these extensions enhance home functionality, comfort, and value, tailored to meet specific family needs and lifestyles.

At Rossmark Building Designers, we specialise in transforming visions into reality, helping clients achieve their ideal family homes through individually designed ground floor solution

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