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Do I need a designer or architect?

No, Rossmark has its design team in-house. This enables a clean transition from design through to construction ensuring that the project can be built and the budget met.

What is Rossmark’s design philosophy?

Every life is shaped by an environment and so the shaping of space is also the shaping of life.

When designs are undertaken what considerations are given?
  • The clients’ requirements
  • Site limitations (size, slope, zoning of the site, etc.)
  • The street and local area
  • Orientation of the site
  • Solar access regarding winter and summer sun
  • Breeze paths and natural convection
  • Connection of internal and external environments
  • The use of sustainable material and energy saving devices
  • Multi use of space
  • Adaptability and accessibility for the occupant
Do you liaise with council?
  • We design
  • Produce all required drawings and documentation
  • Submit them to council and other authorities
  • and liaise with them till we have an approval.
How long does council approval take?

It depends on the municipality and project but from experience, approvals are granted between 8 and 14 weeks.

How long does it take to build?

It varies from project to project, a small extension or renovation may be completed in as little as 8 weeks, large renovations and new homes will generally be complete within 30 weeks again depending on their scale.

Can I live in the home when renovating and extending?

In most cases, yes. Access is gained externally for as long as possible. Once we have achieved lock up and the building is secure we will access the existing dwelling. We continually communicate with you ensuring that you are firmly up to date with our progress, and “yes” we do clean up after ourselves!

Is the consultant we work with on a commission and will he be involved during construction?

We don’t employ commission based sales consultants; you deal with the principal from initial design right through to the completion of your new and improved home.

Where do we start?

Call for an appointment; between now and then write down all your needs and wants. You should also establish a budget so we can work toward an affordable solution that suits your needs and circumstances. We will offer our professional opinion in relation to the project ensuring that you can make an informed decision. Contact Us to arrange an appointment.


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