Extending and renovating in 2024

A lot has happened within the housing market in the last 3 years; that is, COVID, lockdowns, working from home and inflation. Therefore, homeowners looking to buy, sell or renovate have been affected.

Thankfully, with inflation cooling and the real estate market stabilizing with an upward trend, we are beginning to see some stability in the economy emerging from its slumber. What does this mean for homeowners, who might be looking to extend and/ or renovate their homes?

Hopefully, we can provide some insight to help families regain confidence and direction when considering their housing needs.

It is still apparent that home extensions and renovations are continuing to provide great value and flexibility for families looking to sell and buy into the current market.

This means that as the gap (in cost) between your current home and the ‘dream’ home continues to widen, a home renovation and/or extension can help fill the gap. Whether you choose to stay in your newly renovated home or continue looking for the dream home in a different desired location, you are closing the gap fulfilling your family’s current needs.

With this in mind, the Rossmark building designers team press on and we continue to serve and design for our clients, delivering affordable, functional, and beautiful home solutions that is customised to your family’s needs and tailored to suit your budget.


What is it like to work with Rossmark and how does our work and team hold up? It is important to us that our clients feel seen and heard. We tell you our non-emotional point of view and don’t ‘make a sale’ out of every conversation.

Don’t take our word, take it from a client who has used our services.

I cannot speak highly enough of Rossmark Building Design for their exceptional work on our home renovation. After almost two years of searching for a builder who could deliver what we wanted, we were thrilled to find Rossmark. From start to finish, they demonstrated professionalism, expertise, and a genuine commitment to excellence that far exceeded our expectations.

From our initial consultation, the entire team impressed us with their attention to detail and design ideas. Throughout the project, their communication was excellent, keeping us informed at every stage and ensuring that our expectations were met.

The craftsmanship was exceptional, with every aspect of the renovation completed to the highest standard. The team was efficient, tidy, and respectful of our home, making the entire process stress-free and enjoyable.

The finished result has surpassed our expectations, and we have received countless compliments from passers by. Our home has been transformed into a beautiful, functional space that perfectly suits our lifestyle. We are incredibly grateful to the Rossmark team for their hard work, dedication, and expertise and we cannot thank them enough.

Ange and John Boyle

15th March 2024